UV Printing

UV Printing Services At Concept Laser Co.

UV Printing, also known as Ultraviolet printing, is a process similar to digital printing, but uses special inks that have been formulated to dry or cure quickly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. As the material passes through the printer, a nozzle distributes many dots of ink onto the surface and a UV light follows close behind, instantly drying the ink. UV printing allows for much finer detail, because the dots of ink do not get a chance to spread out once printed due to the curing process. It is also a more environmentally friendly process as it produces fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), odour and heat.

With our UV printer we only use Mutoh Inks as they offer world class colour reproduction and enables us up to 6 colour capabilities including CMYK, White ink and UV Varnish. Mutoh UV ink is designed for printing onto suitable coated and uncoated media for both indoors and outdoors, with UV and water resistance for up to three years.

UV Printing is a fantastic process and when combined with laser cutting or laser engraving and high quality materials it makes for an unbeatable trio that allows us to offer a limitless service so you can create whatever you desire!

What materials can be used with UV Printing?

UV Printing works with a wide range of materials than just paper such as wood, acrylic, plastics, flexible materials such as leather as well as 3D objects such as pens, bottles, awards and more. Basically, if the material can fit within the space of our UV printer (594Lmm x 483Wmm x 150Hmm), it can be printed onto!

Usually smooth surfaces yield the best results, but we have had fantastic outcomes printing onto unusual materials such as naturally handmade paper that is very fibrous. So if there is a material you would like to print onto, let us know and we can perform some trials!