Laser Marking (Metal)

High Quality Laser Marking at Concept Laser Co.

Laser marking is the method of marking or labelling objects, products or materials with a laser beam, it is also referred to as laser colouration or laser dark marking. This can be done by a couple of different processes such as engraving, removing, staining, annealing and foaming. Here in Concept Laser Co, we can mark a wide range of metals - from stainless steel and brass to anodised aluminium for your projects. The common application of laser marking includes- jewellery marking, logo marking, serial numbers, compliance plates, etc.

It is ideal for creating permanent clear, legible engraving results, popular usage includes:

  • Dog Tags
  • Jewellery personalisation
  • Room, building and memorial plaques
  • Name badges
  • Safety and warning plates
  • Barcodes and serial codes
  • Name plates and data plates
  • Tags and labels.
  • UID codes and QR codes.
  • Logos, signage and many other identification needs.

Our laser machines in the Concept Laser Co studio yield high precision and quality laser markings allowing for even the most delicate graphics, 1-point fonts and very small geometries to turn out legible. Our laser marking machines operate at very high speeds, allowing us to quickly and precisely produce multiple markings easily. Laser marking also provides a permanent result which is resistant to abrasion, heat and acids.

Adventanges of Laser Marking

  • Clear and percise markings
  • No fading over time
  • Will not wash or rub off
  • Easy part identification
  • Can be personalised
  • Fine, detailed results

What materials can be laser marked?

We can laser mark a wide range of materials including:

  • Metals – stainess steel, aluminium, gold, silver, titanium, platinum or copper.
  • Plastics – ABS, polycarbonate, polyamide, PMMA or plastics with laser additives.
  • Other Materials – foils and films, laminates, paints.

Have a project in mind?

For an in depth guide of how the laser machine works and how to set up a file, please view or How to Order page.