We are Concept Laser Co a laser cutting, engraving, marking, printing and design studio. We are a small team of creative individuals and hardworking laser machines who love to bring ideas to life.

No project is too big or small for us! Everything is produced by our hands in our Melbourne based studio which allows us to personally provide a high quality and professional service to both small and large businesses, individuals, students and designers.

If you have a cool idea you would like to laser cut, engrave or print get in contact with us by calling, emailing or visiting our studio!

Our Studio

The studio of Concept Laser Co is based at Unit 1 51-55 Centre way, Croydon South, Melbourne. We are open Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm. If you would like to speak to us in person to learn more about laser cutting, our processes, pick up finished work or even to discuss how we can help you bring your ideas to life, you are more than welcome to come by the studio and see our showroom of work, just give us a call or email before coming by, so we can make sure we are able to dedicate our full attention and time to you.

Phone: (03) 9761 6659
Email: hello@conceptlaserco.com.au

Meet the Team

Our team not only includes our creative humans but also our invaluable laser machines and UV printer.

Our laser machines are designed and made by the Austrian brand, Trotec, who are world leaders in the field of laser machines and technology. The have set a high benchmark in materials, precision, quality and speed. We have a team of three laser machines that include the Speedy 400 Flexx, SP3000 and the SpeedMarker 1300.

Speedy 400 Flexx

This one we call our mini beast, even though it’s not mini at all! The Speedy 400 Flexx is the fastest engraver on the market and not only has a CO2 laser but also a Fiber laser making it capable of cutting and engraving materials such as wood, acrylic, textiles and more, but also allows us to mark metal and plastics. The Speedy 400 Flexx has a bed size of 1000mm x 600mm and has a maximum work piece height of 296mm allowing us to create a wide range of items.


Our Big Beast, the SP3000 is our large format laser cutting machine which has a massive bed size of 2210mm x 3210mm and a maximum work height of 55mm (now do you understand why our flexx is the mini beast?) It is designed specifically for processing large format materials with superior speed and precision. The CO2 laser means we can cut materials such as plastic, wood, textiles and more!

SpeedMarker 1300

The names Gonzales, Speedy Gonzales.
Gonzales is a SpeedMarker laser machine designed for efficient metal and plastic marking within industrial production lines and can mark materials in a matter of nanoseconds! The galvo laser marking machine uses Fiber and MOPA laser power and has a bed size of 1000mm x 450mm and a max working height of 557mm.

UV Printer

Greg is our UV Printer and is developed and manufactured by the brand Mutoh. It allows us to produce limitless applications as it prints onto a wide variety of materials and has a large media size of 594mm x 483mm with a maximum working height of 150mm. We only use Mutoh Inks as they offer world class colour reproduction and enables us up to 6 colour capabilities including CMYK, White ink and UV Varnish. Mutoh UV ink is designed for coated and uncoated media for both indoors and outdoors, with UV and water resistance for up to three years.

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