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10 Best Laser Engraved Items You Can Sell

Do you feel like your company is going through the motions?

Does it feel like the business you’ve worked so hard to build isn’t keeping up with the demands of the industry or your target customers?

We’re here to assist you with your concern.

Laser Engraving, regardless of the type of business or company you own, is one of the most effective ways to promote your name. People will talk about your laser-engraved products in no time, which will benefit your company in the long run.

We’ll show you 10 of the top laser engraved items you can sell and profit from in this article.

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What Are Laser Engraved Items?

Laser engraving has shown to be one of the most effective ways for businesses in Australia and throughout the world to scale up their marketing efforts. Because company competition is constantly increasing, it is critical to continually improve your business effort.

Laser engraving service providers usually use a high-powered laser beam to vaporise or melt a piece of the material’s surface in laser engraving, which is a subtractive process. The substance’s colour might vary or evaporate depending on the exposure period, leaving a hollow visible to the sight and touch.

Laser engraving is most commonly used to custom or personalise a product or object. It is possible to engrave practically any pattern onto various engraving materials, including wood, plastic, acrylic, fabrics, glass, metal, and even food, using laser engraving machines.

On the other hand, laser engraved items are materials that have undergone a laser engraving process. Using this method, you can select the logo, text, letters, and other elements you want to appear on your raw material.
These laser engraving items are ideal for corporate giveaways, marketing products, and other business promotional items and gifts.

Top 10 Laser Engraving Products To Sell

We are here to give you helpful ideas on the best laser engraved products you can sell to boost your financial status or improve your company’s image to your clients. Whether you have been in business for years or have just started to build your dream company, our assistance goes along.

So, here are the ten best laser engraving products you can sell to your customers:

Laser Engraved Bottles

laser engraved items - boston decanter
Personalised Bohemia Crystal Boston Decanter 750ML Tall

Did you know that you can do laser engraving with any type of bottle, or even glass or mugs?

Yes, you can have this item laser engraved and sell it to your customers. This product is an excellent laser engraved item to offer if your business is all about coffee or other beverage-related business.

Laser Engraved Wood Boxes

Engraved Keepsake Box

You can laser engrave a wooden box and use it to place your product if you have a small business and require innovative packaging for your products. The customer will be pleased when they receive the product. In the coming months, this effort will almost certainly enhance your sales.

Laser Engraved Chopping Board

Laser Engraved Wooden Chopping Board
Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Chopping Board

Is your company’s anniversary fast approaching? Or are there any critical dates nearing? If so, you could also laser engrave a chopping board and sell it to your customers. This item is the best laser engraving product you should sell, especially if you’re in the food industry or running a home kitchen business.

Custom Home Decor

Custom Laser-Cut and Engraved Quote Wall Art Decor.

Who doesn’t want to make their house a lovely place to live? We all believe we do. As a result, laser engraving home decors to sell to your consumers is a fantastic concept. You can also ask about the design preferences of your potential customers.

Customised Keychain

Customised Keychain

Keys are small items that we frequently forget where we put them. As a result, a key chain can resolve this problem. However, it is preferable to have a key chain that serves its job while also attractive. Laser engraving keychains are the best items you can offer to your clientele.

Engraved Serving Tray

Engraved Serving Tray

A laser engraved serving tray is a beautiful product to sell if your business is in the food and beverage industry. You can have your design laser engraved on durable wood material, and indeed it will last for years.

Customised Notebook

customised notebook

The majority of us love writing down our thoughts. We keep track of critical information, notes, and reminders in notebooks, journals, planners, and other materials. People are drawn to an excellent notebook cover, even though we are encouraged not to judge a book by its cover. As a result, selling a laser engraving notebook is a fantastic idea.


Everywhere we go, we enjoy looking at signs. Our eyes will not be satisfied by ordinary and uninteresting signage. As a result, you can convince your target customers that laser engraved signages are the most effective in accomplishing their goals while also looking good.

Custom Organiser

Dump Tray Engraved Wooden Bedside Everyday Carry or EDC
home decor ideas – Dump Tray Engraved Wooden Bedside Everyday Carry or EDC

We believe that everyone deserves a functional and attractive organiser for everything they own. People frequently leave essential items in any area of their rooms or houses, requiring a decent organiser in every home. It will keep all of the crucial things in one place.

Laser Engraved Plaque

We are always fascinated by award ceremonies. Plaques are also given as part of any recognition activity. When an awardee receives a laser engraved plaque, it adds a special touch. You can give laser engraving plaques to your hardworking employees or sell this item to your target customers.

Where Can I Get the Best Laser Engraving Services?

Concept Laser Co. is the place to go if you’re seeking the best laser engraving service in Australia. We are committed to assisting corporate and commercial businesses, entrepreneurs, and small company owners.

We’ll turn your incredible design vision into a reality. We’re eager to work with companies that are constantly striving to grow, particularly in their marketing efforts.

We do not only provide high-quality laser engraving services and products, but we also do so at a cost that will benefit you and your business.

Aside from the engraving process under the laser engraving services that we offer, we also do the processes of scoring and relief engraving in whatever raw material you would like to use.

We also have laser cutting, laser marking, and UV printing services. For more information about the services that we offer to companies, you can visit our website.

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