benefits of uv printing

uv printing

Benefits of UV Printing

A popular printing process today is UV printing. It uses UV or ultra-violet light and special inks to print various designs onto many kinds of materials from flat surfaces like paper, acrylic sheets and wood to 3D Objects like mugs, pens and even golf balls. This is possible as when the dots of ink are dropped onto the surface they are then immediately exposed to the UV light which dries and cures the ink quickly.

UV Printing Benefits

UV printing produces clean and clear designs at a fine detail. The nozzle that distributes dots of ink is followed by a UV light, which cures the ink immediately. Therefore, the ink does not have time to spread out and smear. The cured ink is weather-resistant and fade-resistant, allowing the design to last for a long time.

Aside from quality, It is also seen as a more environmental-friendly process because it produces fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs ) odour and heat.

uv printing

Custom Photo Wall, UV Printed on Wood

UV Printing Applications

A UV printing machine can be used for printing onto a wide variety of materials, including non-traditional materials. It can print onto paper, wood, plastic, acrylic, leather, and other flexible materials. In fact, it can also print on 3D objects such as bottles, pens, keyrings, balls, phones and laptop cases, awards, signages, home appliances and nametags. The machine can practically print on just about anything that can fit within the machine.

If you are looking for a great way to personalise or customise your gifts, business merchandise, and promotional items, opt for this service. UV printing will surely enhance the appearance of your products, impress your potential and existing customers, and ultimately, help improve your brand image.

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