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8 Fascinating Reasons People Love Laser Engraving

Traditionally, laser engraving seemed to be a unique process for companies in the labeling industry. Not anymore, people, small and large businesses, have adopted laser engraving because of the effectiveness of the method to create permanent marks. 

It seems that more and more artists, craftsmen, and even ordinary people around the world are beginning to see the potential of laser engraving technology. With laser engraving, complicated works of art no longer have to be bound at the corners of a sheet of paper or canvas.

Even better is the fact that laser engraving can faithfully create details that would be difficult even for an experienced artist.

So, Why laser engrave?

What is special about laser engraving and what is the difference between this method and traditional engraving? A lot, actually: 

  • Laser engraving is a process in which metal is “removed” by removing material from the surface to create an image.
  • The laser marking uses an annealing process that heats the surface of the metal, changing the color and leaving marks on the surface without damaging the surface of the material. 
  • The laser offers a clean and environmentally friendly technology that does not contain chemicals or residues and does not come in contact with jewelry. 
  • The laser technology gives the jeweler the opportunity to create exquisite designs without compromising the item itself. 
  • The laser marking leads to precise details that last longer than conventional engravings.
  • Text or graphics can be engraved at very specific depths in the material. 

That has increased the demand for laser engraving machines. But is that all? You ask. Other factors that made laser engraving popular and the reasons people loved it include:

1. It’s easy to access

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Laser engraving was difficult to access at the time. The supply of these laser engraving machines was limited and prices skyrocketed. These machines are now easily accessible and affordable. That makes it easier for many companies to pay for this machine. Accessibility has made laser engraving common in schools, businesses, and labs. 

2. The preference for home improvement

Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Chopping Board
Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Chopping Board

The concept of undertaking home improvement projects is acceptable to many people. Therefore, people are looking for devices that help them with their projects. Running DIY projects helps creators save money they would spend on outsourcing the projects. Laser technology offers several functions that people can use in their projects. 

3. Its Industrial use

The laser engraving process is widely used in industry. The method is useful, for example, when creating confidential documents such as ID cards and credit cards. The process creates permanent marks on an item. Therefore, it is easy to distinguish the original documents from the falsified ones. Laser technology makes it possible to engrave numbers and letters. As technology advances, laser technology will prove useful in automotive and robotics. 

4.  Branding

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It has an almost tangible presence, when a company has built a strong brand. In addition to brand visibility, branding is a useful tool for tracking goods and minimising theft. Laser-etched marks representing a company’s brand make it easy to identify the owner. Therefore, companies can track their products in their market and at the same time remain visible to the public.

5. Affordability 

The growing market for laser engraving has constantly lowered the prices of these machines. The machines are available in different sizes to accommodate the volume of work that needs to be done in one location. Individuals, small and large businesses, can afford to buy laser engraving machines without incurring high costs. 

6. Additional Accessories

The popularity of laser engraving has led manufacturers to offer accessories. These accessories help you use the engraving process more and achieve better results. Accessories include peg tables, lenses, and swivel accessories. As a result, people using laser engraving machines can get more applications from the same machine.

7. Extremely safe

Laser cutting machines are being used more and more frequently on construction sites, in public workshops and in “creators’ spaces” and even in schools, but where are the risks? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published a document called ANSI Z136 that establishes safety standards for operating lasers in the workplace. According to the standard, the laser in your typical laser engraving machine is labeled Class 3B or Class 4 – high-powered laser beams that can cause serious injury to the skin or eyes. 

However, according to the standard, laser cutting machines are called “low risk” because they are completely closed and locked. Users should never tamper with safety features or intentionally expose skin or eyes to laser beams; otherwise, laser engraving and laser cutting are extremely safe and low-risk technologies.

8. Ideal for many applications

Laser engraving technology makes it an ideal marking solution for many different applications. Whether for use in carpentry, nameplate production, or sign and sign production. Its use also extends outside of carpentry. It is powerful enough for applications that require marking on a wide variety of other materials.

With our combination of CO2 and Fibre lasers we are able to process a wide range of engraving materials with different methods, see our table below for a quick overview.

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Learn everything about laser engraving here.

Final thoughts!

The laser engraving has been around for a while and continues to provide exceptional results on a variety of materials.

The growth of laser engraving is anticipated to be even greater in the near future, which is why every individual or business is ready to dive into laser engraving machines for any of their operations. 

While there are many obstacles to the spread of laser technology, the fact that more people are finding ways to use lasers creatively should encourage its adoption. 

However, finding the best laser engraving company shouldn’t break a sweat.

At Concept Laser Co., no project is too big or too small. Trust their small team of creative minds and hardworking laser machines who love bringing ideas to life. Everything they do is produced by their hands, which allows them to personally provide a professional and quality laser engraving service to small and large companies, individuals, students and designers.

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