laser cut christmas decorations

10 Best Laser Cut Christmas Decorations

One of the most fun and festive ways to use a laser cutting machine is to make laser cut Christmas decorations.

The annual Christmas holidays are just around the corner and people are now preparing the Christmas decorations. Everyone loves to update their home décor around the holiday season, and we all love sharing gifts, making it a great market for a small business owner. 

How could our Christmas party be complete without Christmas decorations?

From wall and woodwork ornaments to personalised Christmas gifts – the possibilities are endless. 

In fact, there is the implication of laser cutting technology, from our ordinary Christmas tree decorations to various Christmas gifts and  laser cutting and engraving accurate to the millimeter make Christmas decorations unforgettable. 

Read on and check out our high quality handmade gift ideas that will inspire your designs.


laser cut christmas tree
laser cut christmas tree

We all know that the main symbol of Christmas is a Christmas Tree and it makes perfect sense and is  environmentally friendly  to make a Christmas tree using laser technology. You don’t have to cut down the actual tree or buy a plastic Christmas tree. In addition, the raw material of cut Christmas trees is recyclable. 

The advantage of  laser cutting technology is to complete the complex style of the Christmas tree. And the wooden or acrylic parts after laser cutting retain the properties of consistency and symmetry. Therefore, the Christmas tree can be kept stable. In addition, laser cutting reduces errors. It is more accurate to make a Christmas tree than a handmade one.


personalised christmas decorations
personalised christmas decorations

Since we already have a beautiful Christmas tree, the next is to make Christmas decorations on the tree. As with christmas tree making, we can process laser cut wooden ornaments, laser cut acrylic, and laser cut paper decorations. 

At Concept Laser Co., we are able to do a lot here. Our laser machines can handle all the materials mentioned above. We offer our laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking and UV printing services to both small and large businesses, individuals, students and designers. Get your free quote today.


wooden decorations snowflakes
wooden decorations snowflakes

Snowflakes are also  important Christmas decorations. Christmas without  snowflakes is Christmas without romance. Snowflake materials can be not only laser-cut wood, but also laser-cut acrylic, paper, fabric, and others. 

The wood ornaments in this image are beautifully shaped like a  snowflake  and are in colorful and varied styles. And the  edge is smooth and without burrs. Because laser cuts key Christmas decorations, they are ideal for Christmas tree decorations and mall decorations.

Of course we can also make many other Christmas decoration products out of wooden materials and hang them on Christmas trees. With a laser cutting machine, for example, the image of Santa Claus, Christmas blessings and stories can be wood cutted and even a small laser-cut wooden napkin holder in the shape of a Christmas tree can fill the table with the warm Christmas atmosphere.


laser cut christmas decoration acrylic
laser cut christmas decoration acrylic

We can choose a familiar image as a laser pattern. And the high energy laser beam cuts the image on the acrylic sheet and finally creates the image pattern. Laser cut acrylic decorations have clear graphics and a stylish look without the need for further polishing. 

Hanging love-filled laser cut acrylic ornaments on the Christmas tree is so warm and cute. We can also engrave family names, children’s first Christmas  and other memorable items in acrylic. And we can’t deny the fact that these Christmas decorations will make every Christmas different. 


Laser Cut Paper Christmas Decorations
Laser Cut Paper Christmas Decorations

High precision laser cutting technology processing turns lightweight paper into various Christmas decorations. paper decorations often come in different styles. It could be paper lanterns hanging above them and paper ribbons on Christmas trees. There are also laser-cut paper packaging for cupcakes or little angels that nestle against the rim of a glass mug to decorate a quiet Christmas night. 

Paper decorations have the unmatched superiority of those made with ordinary mechanical stamping technology. Laser cutting is a non-contact process and has no direct influence on the paper. Therefore, there is no mechanical deformation. In addition, the energy density of the laser beam  is high and the processing speed is high in the laser cutting process. It has little or no effect on the non-laser irradiated parts of the paper decorations. 

Absolutely, paper Christmas decorations are not just for ribbon  or cup decorations. Paper Christmas cards, gift boxes, packing bags, and calendars make good Christmas items.

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laser cut christmas card

The three-dimensional Christmas card made of paper is made by laser cutting and hollowing out. The main principle is to use the high energy density properties of the laser beam to project onto the surface of the greeting card to cut  the paper and create a hollow pattern. 

The paper Christmas card casting process is extremely accurate and can engrave small and fine patterns. The production is exquisite and unique. 

Laser cutting is the best choice for paper processing. Since there is no mold wear during laser cutting, the loss of paper materials is very low. And the error rate of laser cut paper is extremely low. The lpaper Christmas card amazes the recipient not only with its uniqueness, but also with its exquisite interior. Also, it could be a hollow paper pattern, or a combination of paper and wood, or flat or three-dimensional. 

A small 3D Christmas card made from laser cut paper not only carries the blessings and greetings of the festival. More importantly, it also represents the feeling of lack of family  or friends.


Laser Cut Fabric Christmas Stockings

Laser cut fabric Christmas stockings are also part of  typical Christmas decorations. When processed with a laser cutting machine,  felt Christmas stockings look more structured and elegant. And some that are vividly presented are the images of Santa Claus, reindeer, and Christmas symbols. Also, the edges of  laser cut fabric decorations are clean and will not turn yellow or hard.


Laser Cut Acrylic Christmas Night Lamp

3D acrylic bedside lamps are very popular lately. The shape lines must be cut using laser technology  and  various patterns etched into the acrylic plate. And all you have to do is put these laser cut acrylic sheets into the lamp holder without any additional processing. Finally, a  3D laser cut glossy acrylic bedside lamp is ready. 

The ingenious design of the laser cut acrylic bedside lamp blends into human visual art. And  creatively transform the 2D plan board into a stereoscopic 3D  visual effect. 

As a beautiful Christmas decoration, it matches a Christmas theme that fits nicely into the Christmas atmosphere. In addition, the laser cut acrylic lamps are also suitable for decorating shopping malls, friends or birthday gifts, weddings and other occasions.


Laser Cut Wood Ornaments -- Christmas Phone Holder

The wooden cell phone holder  is of very good quality, soft, delicate and beautiful. These laser cut wooden ornaments are exquisite and small, easy to carry and stand stable on the table. The effect of the laser cut wooden phone holder is much better than general mechanical work. The engraving pattern is very beautiful and the LOGO text is clear.

And more and more consumers prefer laser cut wooden phone holders with beautiful profiles. Christmas-themed or reindeer-shaped phone holders become beautiful laser-cut wooden decorations on the Christmas  table. In addition, they can also be used as beautiful and creative Christmas gifts. 

Actually, there are many Christmas decorations made from non-metallic materials. Metallic materials are also suitable for the production of Christmas decorations.


Laser cut Metal Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Above we present some Christmas decorations for interior decoration. Outdoor Christmas decorations are also very important. And the laser cut metal is strong and  weather resistant.This Christmas ornament is just perfect for outdoor placement. 

After  processing by laser cutting machine, the decoration metal can be cut into various Christmas patterns. The image on the left  shows the beautiful  metal decoration in the shape of a deer. Such  Christmas decorations gives the garden a festive atmosphere  and makes the garden  energetic. 

Laser cut metal has good wear resistance, and the laser cutting effect is permanent. Therefore, the laser cut on metal decoration can be used as a Christmas souvenir for a long time.


Laser Cut Steel Christmas Tableware

Dishes are essential at the Christmas  table and  laser cut plates with Christmas elements can make  dinner more memorable. Fiber laser marking machines can engrave metal and steel. All you have to do is design your favorite Christmas graphics  on the computer. And the laser machine immediately and automatically marks the desired graphics on steel. 

The size and depth of laser cutting and marking can be adjusted comfortably. The laser cut tableware has high precision because the laser beam is very thin. And the lettering and images engraved on the spoon are hard to wear off.


The laser cut Christmas decoration is full of creation and originality and can also be customized according to customer requirements. As long as there is creativity, as long as you create a festive atmosphere, the laser engraving machine can bring your creation to life. Users create and import  Christmas graphics to laser machines. And the laser cutting machine engraves and cuts along the planned path, without warping or defects. 

Using a laser machine to make Christmas decorations has high efficiency, exquisite effect, save material and labor. While traditional processing methods have not kept pace with the development of the festival decoration industry. The processing of Christmas decorations corresponds to the development of the industry  and the market demand. And companies involved in the processing of Christmas decorations have also started to switch to laser technology. The use of laser processing in decoration processing is an unstoppable development trend.


Laser Cut Wood Figurines

It’s not just about laser cut ornaments that you can make with a laser cutter; You can design and make festive figurines. Children love playing with themed toys this Christmas, and parents love using cribs to teach their children the story of Christmas.

As a technician, you draw your design with easy-to-use software and then upload the 2D image to the laser cutting machine. The tool then does all the hard work at high speed, so you can make many laser cut wooden figures in a matter of  hours. This efficiency is one of the main reasons why a Concept Laser Co. laser is an excellent production and manufacturing method.

Start making your own Christmas decorations 

Laser cut Christmas decorations are full of creativity and originality. Christmas and New Years are just around the corner. Using a laser machine to make laser cut Christmas decorations now has a good market. The laser cutting machine has a wide range of materials and is suitable for mass production. And it can cut various graphics to meet  individual small order processing needs. 

At the end of the year, laser cutting machines will generally offer some preferential promotions or give gifts to new and old customers. If you want to buy a laser machine, you should not miss this good opportunity.

Let the beautiful laser cut Christmas decorations accompany you through unforgettable moments one after another. If you want to take advantage of the lucrative Christmas market, invest in a laser cutting machine from Concept Laser Co. and start making laser cut Christmas decorations. 

Finally, when it’s time to decorate the tree, light up yours  with custom Christmas decorations that everyone can enjoy. Concept Laser Co. wishes you all a Merry Christmas! And good luck in the new year!

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